St. George Temple

This trip just made us so unbelievably happy. The session we were able to do at the St. George temple left us feeling so spiritually fulfilled, uplifted, and on top of the world. Because you know what, that is what the gospel is all about. Bringing pure joy, happiness, and the light of Christ into […]

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Manti Temple

Initially, we had planned to take this weekend to travel down to Monticello because it would take the most time to get to. We were excited about our plan thinking it would be the last weekend we had a full Saturday for traveling before work schedules took over the remaining of our weekends together. Well, […]

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Cedar City Temple

This temple was really fun because it was the first one of what I’ll call our Worshipping Weekend. Because Remi’s new work schedule is going to start taking up her Friday and Saturday nights, we decided to take advantage of the next couple weekends she has off. To make sure we are still able to […]

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About the Covenant Cousins

This is our story. Our journey to grow closer to Christ, each other, and to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. We hope to gather, lift, and encourage God’s children to keep their covenants and make spiritual strides toward being perfected through Christ. My name is Emily, I am 18 almost 19 and […]

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Provo City Center Temple

And this was where it all started. Remi after submitting her papers took the next step and went to the Provo City Center Temple to receive her endowment. Me being her favorite cousin and all, I was able to be there with her along with our other cousin Annie, Annie’s husband Adam, and our grandparents. […]

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Provo Temple

Remi is always late, and today was no different. When Remi was looking up where the temple was, she figured the suggested Provo Masonic Temple was the desired destination. Long story short, she ended up in a less than desirable part of Provo… with no temple. After a course correction, we met in the temple […]

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